Handwriting is on the Wall

19 09 2012



Twitter and Medical Education: Slideshow

12 09 2012


Here is an introduction to Twitter and social media concepts for use in continuing medical education.

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“Patenterprise” — Jean Luc Picard, Apple, and Androids

4 09 2012

Apple’s Patents Ground Starfleet

Mirror, Mirror, MirrorDotMe, is that “ME”

11 07 2012

If you want someone to tell you what you really care about, plug-in your twitter handle into mirror.meRead the rest of this entry »

Searching for Conference Abstracts and Posters Online

7 07 2012

Companies’ first disclosure of hot clinical trial data often occurs at various conferences in the form of posters or presentations, and also simultaneously as press release summarising top-line data. Read the rest of this entry »

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